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The Spring In Bloom Mini Burlap Sack with Carrot is a delightful addition to your primitive and country-themed decor. This 9x3.5-inch decorative piece infuses your bedroom, living room, and dining room decor with a touch of rustic charm in a burnt orange hue.


Crafted from high-quality textured cotton burlap, this mini sack and carrot seamlessly blend with the Spring In Bloom Collection, adding a touch of seasonal beauty to your interior.


With its unique texture and earthy color, this mini burlap sack and carrot set captures the essence of primitive elegance and country appeal. Its quality craftsmanship ensures both decorative and durable qualities, making it a perfect addition to your seasonal decor year after year.


Spring in Bloom Mini Burlap Sack with Carrot

SKU: 84953
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